Diseases of Tropical Fruit Crops by Randy C Ploetz

By Randy C Ploetz

*Comprehensive info on ailments of an important tropical fruit crops
*Chapters are dedicated to a unmarried or, at times, a comparable workforce of host plants
*The background, distribution, value, indicators, aetiology, epidemiology and administration of illnesses of every crop are defined in detail

This ebook bargains a finished evaluation of illnesses of vital tropical and a few subtropical fruit vegetation. The heritage, distribution, value, etiology, epidemiology and regulate of ailments of every host crop are coated, in addition to short summaries at the taxonomy, origins and features of every host. additional info is given at the biology and pathology of the causal brokers and on new advances that vary or differently increase our realizing of the character and reason for those ailments. Plant pathologists, plantation and nursery managers, teachers and those that are thinking about tropical agriculture and horticulture will locate this an important reference.

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P. capsici is heterothallic. Oogonia are 23–50 ␮m in diameter and spherical or subspherical, and antheridia are amphigynous. Oospores are usually plerotic with cell walls between 2 and 6 ␮m thick. Its cardinal temperatures for growth are 10, 28 and >35°C. P. tropicalis was distinguished from P. capsici by its production of chlamydospores by most isolates (27–33 ␮m in diameter; chlamydospores are generally not formed by strains of P. capsici from herbaceous hosts), no or poor growth at 35°C, weak or no virulence on Capsicum, and distinct isozyme and mitochondrial DNA profiles (Aragaki and Uchida, 2001).

A) Perithecium, (B) ascospores, (D) perithecial appendages and (E) surface of the perithecial wall of Ceratocystis paradoxa, and (C) chlamydospores, (F) conidiophores and (G) conidia of its anamorph, Chalara paradoxa (from CMI description no. 143). tridemorph, oxycarboxin, flusilazol and protectant fungicides such as copper hydroxide, copper oxide, copper oxychloride and Bordeaux mixture. They are applied by spraying or painting the infected bark. Fusarium oxysporum Special host-adapted forms of Fusarium oxysporum, the formae speciales, cause vascular wilts of banana (f.

Weinert et al. (1998) reported that an isolate from sugar apple in Queensland that had been identified as P. palmivora (UQ3691) was actually P. capsici. Aragaki and Uchida (2001) examined 100 isolates from herbaceous and woody hosts that included A. cherimola from the islands of Hawaii and Oahu; based on the broad concept of the species (Erwin and Ribiero, 1996), all were considered P. capsici. Based on molecular data from others and morphological and pathological data of their own, Aragaki and Uchida (2001) proposed that the isolates from woody hosts comprised a distinct taxon that they named P.

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