Devil's Waltz (Alex Delaware 07) by Jonathan Kellerman

By Jonathan Kellerman

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Hello, Mrs. " She extended a narrow hand and smiled shyly. Likable. I knew my job wasn't going to be easy. Stephanie said, As I told you, Dr. Delaware's an expert on anxiety in children. If anyone can help Cassie cope, he can. " "Oh. . sure. " Cindy touched her braid and looked worried. "Terrific," said Stephanie. " "Nothing I can think of right now, Dr. Eves. I was just wondering if you'd. . " "Not yet, Cindy. Yesterday's EEC was totally normal. But, as we've discussed, with children this age that's not always conclusive.

Three days after you terminated," I said, making a note. " "Interesting, huh? R. checkup. The baby's blood pressure is up a bit and she's breathing rapidly. But getting plenty of oxygen in. " "Not really, but you know how it is with mothers and kids-the vibes. On the other hand, I wasn't ready to rule out something physical. " "Sure," I said, "but it could also have been a tantrum gone too far. Some kids learn young how to hold their breath and pass out. "I know, but this happened in the middle of the night, Alex, not after some power struggle.

It was an evil variant: Misnchaissen by proxy Parents-mothers, invariably faking illness in their own offspring. Using their children-especially daughters as crucibles for a hideous concoction of lies, pain, and disease. I said, "So much of it fits, Steph. Right from the beginning. " She winced. "God, yes. " "Plus, with mom being a respiratory tech, breathing could be the first system she'd choose to mess with. What about the intestinal stuff? " "Same thing, I guess. I don't know, Alex. " She squeezed my arm again.

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