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British Napoleonic Artillery 1793-1815 (2): Siege and Coastal Artillery (New Vanguard, Volume 65)

Following on from the 1st quantity masking British Napoleonic Artillery, this quantity concentrates at the heavy guns of siege and coastal defences. This booklet covers the most equipments used; the 24 pounder siege gun and quite a few mortars. Mortars different from four- or 5-inch types as much as a13 inch calibre and have been thought of to be super potent simply because they used an exploding shell to break fortifications or group of workers.

English Civil War Fortifications 1642-1651 (Fortress, Volume 9)

The options of ecu war have been reworked through the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries via gunpowder and by way of sizeable development within the effectiveness and harmful strength of artillery. The sequence of conflicts within the 1640s, recognized jointly because the English Civil conflict, was once the 1st within the British Isles that mirrored this new fact.

Forts of the American Frontier 1820-91: The Southern Plains and Southwest (Fortress, Volume 54)

Throughout the early many years of the nineteenth century, the Southern Plains of the North American continent have been simply sometimes visited by way of explorers, trappers, investors, and missionaries. the 1st buying and selling posts and forts have been outfitted then, reminiscent of Adobe partitions within the panhandle of North Texas, and Tubac Presidio in New Mexico.

German Battleships 1914-18 (2): Kaiser, König and Bayern classes (New Vanguard, Volume 167)

Supported through reliable records, own money owed, reliable drawings and particularly commissioned art, this quantity is an informative historical past of the most important periods Kaiser, König and Bayern that shaped the spine of the German Imperial military all through international battle I, detailing the technological revolution that had taken position to let the development of those huge dreadnought sessions.

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D. true airspeed — Equivalent airspeed corrected for error due to air density (altitude and temperature). airspeed indicator — (*) An instrument which displays the indicated airspeed of the aircraft derived from inputs of pitot and static pressures. air staging unit — (*) A unit situated at an airfield and concerned with reception, handling, servicing, and preparation for departure of aircraft and control of personnel and cargo. air station — (*) In photogrammetry, the point in space occupied by the camera lens at the moment of exposure.

Antiterrorism — Defensive measures used to reduce the vulnerability of individuals and property to terrorist acts, to include limited response and containment by local military and civilian forces. Also called AT. See also counterterrorism; proactive measures; terrorism. 2) 40 JP 1-02 As Amended Through 16 October 2006 antiwatching device — A device fitted in a moored mine which causes it to sink should it show on the surface, so as to prevent the position of the mine or minefield being disclosed.

See also air sovereignty. airspace control — See airspace control in the combat zone. (JP 3-52) airspace control area — Airspace that is laterally defined by the boundaries of the operational area. The airspace control area may be subdivided into airspace control sectors. airspace control authority — (*) The commander designated to assume overall responsibility for the operation of the airspace control system in the airspace control area. Also called ACA. See also airspace control; airspace control area; airspace control system; control; operation.

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