Decline of the West, Vol 2 - Perspectives of World-History by Oswald Spengler

By Oswald Spengler

The Decline of the West quantity II: views of World-History
By Oswald Spengler


I-Origin and Language--The Cosmic and the Microcosm
II-Origin and Language--The crew of the better Cultures
III-Origin and Language--The kin among the Cultures
IV-Cities and Peoples--The Soul of town
V-Cities and Peoples--Peoples, Races, Tongues
VI-Cities and Peoples--Primitives, Culture-Peoples, Fellaheen
VII-Problems of the Arabian Culture--Historic Pseudomorphoses
VIII-Problems of the Arabian Culture--The Magian Soul
IX-Problems of the Arabian Culture--Pythagoras, Mohammed, Cromwell
X-The State--The challenge of the Estates: the Aristocracy and Priesthood
XI-The State--State and heritage
XII-The State--Philosophy of Politics
XIII-The Form-world of monetary Life--Money
XIV-The Form-world of monetary Life--The desktop

Excerpt from bankruptcy I

Regard the plant life at eventide as, one by one, they shut within the atmosphere sunlight. unusual is the sensation that then presses in upon you--a feeling of enigmatic worry within the presence of this blind dreamlike earth-bound life. The dumb wooded area, the silent meadows, this bush, that twig, don't stir themselves, it's the wind that performs with them. basically the little gnat is free--he dances nonetheless within the night mild, he strikes whither he'll.

A plant is not anything by itself account. It types part of the panorama within which an opportunity made it take root. The twilight, the nippiness, the remaining of each flower--these aren't reason and impact, no longer probability and willed resolution to probability. they seem to be a unmarried strategy of nature, that is reaching itself close to, with, and within the plant. the person isn't loose to seem out for itself, will for itself, or decide upon for itself.

An animal, to the contrary, can decide upon. it's emancipated from the servitude of all of the remainder of the realm. This midget swarm that dances on and on, that solitary chicken nonetheless flying in the course of the night, the fox impending furtively the nest--these are little worlds in their personal inside of one other nice international. An animalcule in a drop of water, too tiny to be perceived by way of the human eye, notwithstanding it lasts yet a moment and has yet a nook of this drop as its field--nevertheless is loose and self sustaining within the face of the universe. the large oak, upon one in every of whose leaves the droplet hangs, isn't really.

Servitude and freedom--this is in final and inner most research the differentia through which we distinguish vegetable and animal life. but in basic terms the plant is utterly and fully what ti is; within the being of the animal there's something twin. A vegetable is simply a vegetable; an animal is a vegetable and whatever extra along with. A herd that huddles jointly trembling...


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We imagine those merits are definitely worth the occasional imperfection caused by the age of those books on the time of scanning, and their classic consider offers a connection to the earlier that is going past the mere phrases of the textual content.

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There is no history-in-itself. The history of a family is taken differently by each member of it, that of a country differently by each party, that of the age by each nation. The German looks upon the World War otherwise than the Englishman, the workman upon economic Catiline, history otherwise than the employer, and the historian of the West has a quite other world-history before his eyes than that of the great Arabian and Chinese historians. The history of an era could be handled objectively only if it were very distant in time, and the historian were radically disinterested; and we find that our best historians cannot judge of or describe even the Peloponnesian Wars and Actium without being in some measure influenced by present in- terests.

The several higher Egyptian, Chinese, Babyhistory of the that lonian, and Mexican each formed a special script in its pre-Cultural age hand did not do took over the other but and the Classical on Indian the so, destinies of its cannot be deduced from those But the history of (and very late) the highly developed writing of a neighbouring Civilization that in the Arabian, again, every new religion and sect immediately formed all these are facts that stand in a deeply intimate relaparticular script tion to the generic form-history of these Cultures and its inner significance.

Each of these planes demands a particular self-focusing, and the moment the special focus becomes sharp the narrower and the broader planes cease to be live Being and become mere given facts. If we are investigating the battle of the Teutoburger Wald, the growing up of this forest in the plant-world of the North German plain is presupposed. If, on the other hand, we are examining into the history of the German tree-world, the geological stratification of the earth is the presupposition, though it is just a fact whose particular again, our question is the origin of the Cretaceous, the existence of the Earth itself as a planet in the solar system is a datum, not a problem.

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