Death So Noble: Memory, Meaning, and the First World War by William Vance, Jonathan Franklin

By William Vance, Jonathan Franklin

This article examines the myriad ways that Canadians remembered and celebrated their participation within the nice struggle. jointly those stories provided motives and consolations to Canadians and instilled in them the wish new experience of nationwide id might be born out of struggle.

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11 These crusaders, however, were more than just soldiers for Christ. When Marjorie Pickthall wrote of the continuance of Canada's harvest being purchased by the thorns and agony of The memorial window to Captain T. G. the men at the front, she had more in Bragley in the former Church of the mind than the soldier as a modern-day Ascension in Montreal. 12 Through his death in battle, the individual soldier sacrificed his life to atone for the sins of the world. In attributing the symbols of Christ's crucifixion to the lowly infantryman, Pickthall, like so many other observers, transformed him into the universal victim suffering for humanity.

It was not enough to avoid an aggressor and hope the threat would pass. '45 At a Montreal Armistice Day service in 1933, Sir Andrew Macphail concurred, declaring that 'peace and war is not the antithesis. The antithesis of a slothful peace is not war but massacre. ' War was an evil, but it was not the supreme evil; it was infinitely preferable to a peace purchased by the abandonment of a society's most treasured values and principles. D. Roberts 1 O O O ' read his poem 'Peace with Dishonour' to the University of Guelph's 1938 Armistice Day service.

Clearly, the journey to everlasting peace would take humanity through a number of just wars. The true pacifist, then, was not the publicist who railed from a soapbox against every form of war, but the soldier who was prepared to stand in the vanguard. One could never achieve peace simply byJ talkingo about it:' one had to be willing to sacrifice more than a few well o chosen words and the odd poem for something so precious. The only way to demonstrate a real commitment to peace was to be willing to fight and die for it.

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