Data against natural disasters by Amin S.

By Amin S.

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Similarly, persuading humanitarian responders to invest time and effort in a new, unproven system during a period when their capacity is stretched because of an emergency is a daunting undertaking. Ex ante preparation is therefore crucial. Bilateral and multilateral donors might encourage countries to strengthen their capacities to cope with disasters by providing financial and technical assistance for the timely adoption of disaster management systems before disaster. Invest in the Collection of Baseline Data Baseline data are essential.

A shared understanding of the nature of basic needs is critical in establishing a database and information systems spanning the phases of relief, recovery, and reconstruction. Requirements for Data and Information Management This section outlines the broad requirements for data management in each phase. Each phase and each activity within each phase require timely 34 D ATA A G A I N S T N AT U R A L D I S A S T E R S information for evidence-based decision making. Two initial issues should be addressed as follows: Whose disaster is it?

The evacuation was completed in less than 72 hours, long before the first of 12 foreign field hospitals dispatched to provide emergency trauma care arrived on site. The logistical performance was not matched by a similar success in database management.

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