Current Topics in Pathology / Ergebnisse der Pathologie by Eberhard Altenähr (auth.), H.-W. Altmann, K. Benirschke, A.

By Eberhard Altenähr (auth.), H.-W. Altmann, K. Benirschke, A. Bohle, K. M. Brinkhous, P. Cohrs, H. Cottier, M. Eder, P. Gedigk, W. Giese, Chr. Hedinger, S. Iijima, W. H. Kirsten, I. Klatzo, K. Lennert, H. Meessen, W. Sandritter, G. Seifert, H. C. Stoerk, H.

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Summary Ultrastructural investigation of PTG in animal experiments has established criteria allowing cytological evaluation of the endocrine activity of single cells and of the whole gland. This evaluation is based on the varying development of the protein- and proteohormone-synthesizing apparatus. The endocrine activity of PTG has been studied in different experimental models and it has been ultrastructurally confirmed that the calcium level of serum or culture media is the most important factor in the endocrine regulation of PTG.

Oq 0 0 ::r' <"+ - Pl '"d e.. , rJ> <"+ '"1 Pl S normal normal sligthly activated normal stimulated stimulated Rana temporaria normal Bufo vulgaris normal phosphate injections normal normal controls unilateral parathyroidectomy unilateral parathyroidectomy plus parathyroid hormone phosphate injections bilateral nephrectomy dog rat rat KLOTzetal. (1966) LANGE and VAN BREHM (1965) LEVER (195n LEVER dog rat LUPULESCU ct al. (1968) MAZZOCCHI et al. (1967b) (195~ normal normal stimulated hamster normal controls rachitogenic diet bilateral nephrectomy normal controls iso-immune-hypoparathyroidism by injection of parathyroid-iso-antibody containing serum normal controls vitamin D injections sodium phytate per os September November seasonal comparison: June normal stimulated stimulated normal structure of glands and cells damaged normal normal normal relatively inactive active active formation of parathyroid cysts KAYSER et al.

14 Inset) (ROTH and MUNGER, 1962; WEY:\IQUTH and SHERIDAN, 1966). We observed in one of our adenomas cell processes protruding into the perivascular space containing electron-dense granules (Fig. 14) (ALTENAHR and SEIFERT, 1971). These cell protrusions Fig. 14. Human PTG adenoma: Adenoma cells with glycogen-rich areas and other a reas rich in mitochondria or secretory granules; small Golgi fields (GO); indented nucleus; protrusion of cytoplasmic processes into the pericapillary space (PC), partly containing an electron-dense granule (arrow).

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