Corruption, the World's Big C: Cases, Causes, Consquences, by Ian Senior

By Ian Senior

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In 2001 the Gescartera brokerage house collapsed and its main shareholder, Antonio Camacho, was jailed after 7108 million (£75 million) of clients’ money went missing. He had used the money to pay for gifts and to buy jobs for staff at the Spanish stock market regulator, and pocketed the rest. One junior minister was forced to resign. Camacho served three years in prison. None of the 7108million has been paid back. Verdict: Camacho earns a bronze medal and the junior minister a silver medal. 5 million).

5. 72 media has been suppressed in France. The facts, however, echo the general concept held in France that if money is diverted to a political party rather than to an individual, this is not corruption. Under my definition it is corruption because the favour goes to a nominee of the corruptor, in this case the UMP party. No medal is awarded. President Jacques Chirac During his long career in politics Jacques Chirac has been implicated in various scandals, but for the time being he is out of reach of prosecutors because of presidential immunity.

Those who were being investigated, however, fought back by impugning the integrity and the political motivation of Di Pietro 85 corruption – the world’s big c Table 3 Italy: statistics for legal action against corruption, 2000 February 1992−March 2000* Committals for trial requested 3,246 People convicted by the preliminary judge 581 People acquitted by the preliminary judge (181 were acquitted because of expiry under a statute of limitations) 444 People still before the preliminary judge 370 People indicted 1,234 People convicted by the court 576 People acquitted by the court (of which 124 because of a statute of limitations) 220 People before the court 438 Source: UNDP case study of corruption† *The case study notes: ‘because of the difference between the legal system in Italy and other countries it is difficult to explain these different categories precisely’.

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