Corps 05: Line of Fire (Corps) by W. E. B. Griffin

By W. E. B. Griffin

In the course of international warfare II, a different rescue staff assembles to avoid wasting Marines trapped on a small Coastwatcher island.

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Third, and most important, was to teach a bunch of civilians discipline: that is, to do whatever they were told to do, to the best of their ability, whenever they were told to do it. This was surely the most difficult training task the drill instructors and their assistants faced, and Hart was well aware that not many students were going to like the curriculum. All of this having been said, it was Hart's judgment that The Marine Corps had made a mistake (despite the Parris Island Holy Writ that this kind of mistake was not possible).

It almost knocked Galloway off his feet. " Galloway complained. But he was smiling, Finch noticed. " Finch called as he climbed down the stairs to the ground. Oblensky looked, and when recognition dawned on his face, he came to attention and threw a very crisp salute. "Major Finch, Sir. " Finch returned the salute. Oblensky is obviously glad to see me. But not as glad as he is to see Galloway. Whatever the reason, whether because they were sergeants together, or because Charley is just back, literally, from the mouth of death, I'm just a little jealous.

He broke his ankle. I mean bad. And he took a bullet and some shrapnel in his leg. " He pointed to a cot at the far end of the fly tent near where the medical personnel were gathered. "You stay here," Galloway ordered. " "Yeah, sure you can," Galloway said. He walked to the foot of Schneider's cot. Schneider's face looked wan, and his eyes, though open, seemed to be not quite focused on the canvas overhead. A cast covered his foot and his left leg nearly up to his knee; and his upper right leg was covered with a bandage from his knee to his crotch.

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