Columbia, final voyage: the last flight of NASA's first by Philip Chien, Illus. with photos

By Philip Chien, Illus. with photos

In 'Columbia: ultimate Voyage' aerospace author Philip Chien, who has over twenty years' adventure masking the USA area application, offers a special perception into the team contributors who misplaced their lives within the Columbia catastrophe. Chien interviewed all seven workforce participants numerous occasions and received to grasp them as contributors. He studies intimately their education, their medical paintings and different actions in the course of their profitable 16-day flight, the history of the coincidence itself and an in depth first-hand account of what occurred that fateful day in February 2003. the writer offers a entire and private examine either the Columbia astronauts and the STS-107 challenge, including a behind-the-scenes account of different humans fascinated about the venture and their own reactions to the coincidence. ahead via Jonathan B. Clark, widower of Columbia astronaut Laurel Clark. creation by way of Apollo eleven astronaut Buzz Aldrin.
__________Книга посвящена членам экипажа, погибшим во время последнего полёта шаттла "Колумбия". Филип Чейн, более 20 лет пишущий на тему космонавтики, неоднократно брал интервью у всех семи астронавтов и успел узнать их как личностей. В книге подробно описываются тренировки астронавтов, их научная и другая деятельность во время 16-дневного полёта, а также причины трагедии, происшедшей 1 февраля 2003 года. Приводится реакция лиц, имевших отношение к этому полёту. Введение написано астронавтом Эдвином Олдрином.

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Well, it turned out that Rick’s mom was right and I was wrong, and Husband became the first astronaut in almost a decade to be promoted from pilot to commander after just one flight. A couple of weeks later, I interviewed Husband about his new assignment. I told him I found out about it through my spy in Amarillo. ” and I replied, “Well, you call her mom,” and we both had a good laugh. That audio clip is on this book’s website. Actually Husband knew for some time he was being groomed to command a mission, and I probably should have suspected it when he told me he was training as a commander during the simulation back in April.

With my experience as the safety branch chief in the astronaut office prior to being assigned to this mission, I was very impressed at the level of detail and diligence that the people working on the hardware go to, to make sure we’ve got a good vehicle to fly. ” 29 30 CHAPTER 2 The various slips to STS-107 put it after STS-111. That crew included Husband’s high school acquaintance Paul Lockhart. Husband said, “Just more than anything I’m happy for Paul getting assigned to a crew and everything because he’s such a super guy and I know he’ll do a great job.

STS-107 didn’t feature any complicated on-orbit activities like a rendezvous with ISS, robot arm operations, spacewalks, or even a satellite deployment. If STS-107 didn’t exist, Husband’s second flight would probably have been as the pilot for a space station mission in 2001 or 2002, followed by a command on his third flight. Of course, like every spaceflight, STS-107 included the most critical phases—launch, landing, and keeping the shuttle running properly while it was in space. But the lack of dynamic on-orbit activities would make it a suitable flight for a first-time commander.

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