Chronographiae Quae Theophanis Continuati Nomine Fertur by Jeffrey Michael Featherstone, Juan Signes-Codoner

By Jeffrey Michael Featherstone, Juan Signes-Codoner

A valuable resource for the second one interval of Iconoclasm and the Amorian dynasty, the old compilation referred to as Theophanes Continuatus used to be one of the first works of the classicising revival in Byzantium after the darkish Age (7-8th centuries). A severe variation of the Greek textual content of Books I IV, exchanging that of 1838 by means of I. Bekker, is followed right here by means of the 1st entire English translation."

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16–17 μ τε τ ν Ιανν ν περορ α« τψξε ν μ τε V: μετ τ ν Ψαψτο νατον fort. ante μ τε inserendum, cf. 11 et μετ νατον α το PsSym f. 69 Τρι ψλλ οψ«, cf. 4. If a variant reading in Skylitzes is confirmed only by Genesius, this is in itself no proof of genuineness, for Skylitzes may have simply used Genesius 22* Prolegomena to emend the text he found in his own manuscript of ThCont. However, we accept such a reading if it offers the solution to a textual problem. Again, such cases are few and occur only in the first two books of ThCont.

10–11 Ν κην γκα ιδρψμωνην κατ τ ν 4γ αν 5Ανναν στερρ « σταμωνα« γκατασε σαντε« V: post γκα ιδρψμωνην add. 8. The reasons for some of the corrupt passages in V are obvious, either on account of syntactical or morphological error, or imprecision of reference. 24* Prolegomena Thus, even when Skylitzes provides a reading of the passage which can be accepted in the edition, we cannot be sure whether he emended the text ope ingenii or simply found the correct reading in his manuscript. 19 τ ν Φοιδερ τ ν V: τ ν ρξ ν τ ν Φοιδερ τ ν Boor in app.

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