Charlie Bone and the Time Twister by Jenny Nimmo

By Jenny Nimmo

Teenagers of the crimson King 2, secret mystery fiction ebook, sixth grade and up.

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Billy can talk to, and understand, animals. LYSANDER SAGE Descended from a line of African wise men, he can call up his spirit ancestors. GABRIEL SILK Descended from a family of psychics, Gabriel can feel scenes and emotions through the clothes of others. BETH STRONG Descended from a family of circus performers — strong men and acrobats. She is also telekinetic. EMMA TOLLY Descended from the Spanish swordsman who accompanied the Red King on his journeys, Emma can become a bird. TANCRED TORSSON Descended from a Scandinavian storm-bringer named after the thunder god, Thor, Tancred can bring wind, rain, thunder, and lightning.

In a small, chilly room at the top of the west wing, James waited for his brother. He was so cold he had put his coat on over his flannel nightshirt. On the table beside him the flame from his candle quivered in a draft from the door. Where was Henry? Why was he taking so long? James rubbed his eyes. He was very tired but too cold to sleep. He drew the bedcovers up to his chin and listened to the patter of freezing sleet against the windowpane. And then his candle went out.

They were staying at Bloor's, Henry and James, while their sister, Daphne, was dying. It was the coldest winter for a century my father has never forgotten it. " Paton stroked his chin. "My poor father. Suddenly he was an only child. " "Vanished," murmured Charlie. " "My father always suspected his cousin Ezekiel had something to do with it. " "Is that the Ezekiel who's . . " "Yes. Dr. Bloor's grandfather. " "Wow! " “At least," said Paton. He leaned forward. " " Erm , no," said Charlie. "Not yet.

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