Catalog of Test Specimens for NDE (csni85-87)

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The Cloud Maker

Clive Cussler meets Dan Brown during this excessive voltage event mystery during which formidable younger climbers bump into an exceptional mystery hidden within the depths of the Himalayas and locate themselves at the run from the chinese language mystery police. From the Hardcover version.

Demons and how to deal with them

Paperback 1986 30p. Vol. 2 eight. 50x5. 50x0. 15 publication approximately Demons, Jesus and Spirit

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It was not reversible, she knew. At least not by her. The only one who could reverse a spell was that person who had ordered it. She always designed her spells that way. Otherwise, she risked being called in to render null so many nasty spells. And the one who’d ordered the spell? “Crap. ” The glass vial lay on its side on top of the fridge, held in place by the suctiony white plastic buffers between the two doors. Ravin retrieved it carefully. About an ounce remained inside. “Not enough to do any damage.

Nikolaus shook his head. ” She walked off, her arms pumping furiously. ” Michele Hauf 55 “Wait! ” Nikolaus slid around behind the couch and blocked her path from the stakes, wherever she kept those. Hands shoved to her hips and bare feet tapping, she always wore a sneer. Did the woman not have a smile to her arsenal? ” “Please. I would never bespell a vampire to love me. I despise your kind. Always have, always will, got that? Always. ” “But—” “I hunt your kind! ” This was all fact. He knew it as he knew he loved her.

He’d spent the past two months drinking from donors Gabriel had captured and brought to him as if he were a caged rat. Tonight he’d gone out into the world and had taken nourishment himself. And he was feeling it in his bones. Normally he’d be flat on his back now, exhausted merely from the intense healing his body was engaged in. Now he felt invigorated. In fact, a deep breath did not draw a wheezy wind through his left lung. And yet, he needed more. ” “Back off, bloodsucker. ” “I’ll—” The fire in her held her fist high, but Nikolaus watched as the flames dimmed and she realized there was nothing she was capable of doing.

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