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E French DID YOaU d th steur save were inesses In 1868 P These bus terious y. tr s u d mys silk in because a orms. facing ruin attacking the silkw ting as etec disease w a way of d t u o d e rk o om Pasteur w nd preventing it fr a e s a e is d the . spreading © 2008 Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. LOUIS PASTEUR I RCH LI T GH Disease SE A The Man Who Con quered n the 1800s, the bite of a rabid dog meant certain death for the person bitten. In 1885, when a rabid dog bit a boy named Joseph Meister, his mother was desperate.

Student of the Indian leader Mahatma © Bettmann/Corbis Gandhi. He believed that nonviolence was the most powerful way for people to make their point. This meant demanding one’s rights through peaceful means, such as strikes and protests, not by fighting. The protests he led became known as the Montgomery bus boycott. The law was changed after a year of protests. However, black people still didn’t receive the same rights and privileges as white people. In 1963 King and his supporters were jailed because of their protests against this discrimination.

Mandela, Nelson Good Queen Bess (queen of England): look under Elizabeth I dharma (religion) Ashoka page 6 Goodall, Jane (British scientist) page 52 diseases: look under Pasteur, Louis “Hamlet” (play by Shakespeare) William Shakespeare page 61 Dragon Empress, The (empress of China): look under Empress of China East Indies (islands in Southeast Asia) Ferdinand Magellan page 41 education Charlemagne page 13 Egypt (country) Anwar el-Sadat page 29 Cleopatra page 15 Elizabeth I, also called Good Queen Bess (queen of England) page 16 LEARN MORE look under Shakespeare, William Braille (writing) Helen Keller page 55 Empress of China, also called Cixi, or The Dragon Empress, or Empress Dowager page 19 Caesar, Julius (Roman leader) page 9 Cleopatra page 15 England (country) Elizabeth I page 16 Hillary, Edmund (New Zealand explorer) Tenzing Norgay page 42, photograph page 43 Himalayas (mountains in Asia) Tenzing Norgay page 42 Holy Roman Empire (historic empire) Charlemagne page 13 immunization Louis Pasteur page 57 India (country) Ashoka page 6 Mahatma Gandhi page 37 Mohammed Ali Jinnah page 21 Mother Teresa page 45 Israel (country) Anwar el-Sadat page 29 Golda Meir page 27 63 © 2008 Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

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