Brilliant 4: Activity Book (Children's courses) by Jeanne Perrett

By Jeanne Perrett

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E. GDP per hour of work) among the 66 metropolitan regions. And it also suggests that labour productivity (GDP per hour of work) has been increasing faster than that when measured by GDP per worker. OECD TERRITORIAL REVIEWS: STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – ISBN – 92-64-02252-X © OECD 2006 1. 19. Percentage of labour force with a tertiary education (2001) W as hing t o n 3 7% S an F r ans is c o 3 5% S t o c k ho lm 33% R eg i o n B er li n 33% B o st o n 33% Lo nd o n 3 1% D env er 30% S eat t l e 29% Il e d e F r anc e 29% D all as 29% N o o r d - Ho l land 28% C o m unid ad d e M ad r id 2 7% M inneap o li s - S t P aul 2 7% S an D i eg o 26% D ar m s t ad t 26% A t l ant a 26% Hus t o n 26% C hic ag o 2 5% Z ui d - Ho l land 2 5% N ew Y o r k 2 5% B al t im o r e 2 5% T o r o nt o 24% S t ut t g ar t 24% R eg io n Ham b ur g 24% N o o r d - B r ab ant 24% P hi l ad el p hi a 24% P o r t land - V anc o uv er 23% To kyo 23% K ar l s r uhe 23% F r ei b ur g 23% V anc o uv er 23% Lo s A ng el es 23% P ho eni x 23% A t t ik i 22% M o nt r eal 2 1% K anag aw a 2 1% G r eat er M anc hes t er 2 1% S t - Lo ui s 2 1% R hei nhes s en- P f al z 20% M i ami 19 % P i t t s b ur g h 19 % D et m o l d 19 % B ar c elo na 19 % C l ev eland 19 % D et r o i t 18 % T amp a- S t - P et er s b ur g 18 % V alenc i a 17% C hib a 17% S ai t am a 16 % O s ak a 15% A ic hi 14 % N o rd 13 % F uk uo k a 13 % 0% 5% 10 % 15% 20% 2 5% Source: OECD Territorial Database.

Population data for Uusimaa are collected from the Finland Statistical Office. OECD TERRITORIAL REVIEWS: STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – ISBN – 92-64-02252-X © OECD 2006 40—1. STOCKHOLM IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY High employment and activity rates combined with relatively good performance in labour productivity explain Stockholm’s relatively strong competitiveness position internationally. Three factors contribute to the observed difference in GDP per capita between the Stockholm County and other metropolitan regions: productivity, efficiency of the local labour market and relative size of the labour force.

This is an indication of the fact that many of the former Ericsson employees that lost their jobs successfully transitioned into other companies in the cluster. Given its diversification to a wide range of products and services the cluster should be better able to survive OECD TERRITORIAL REVIEWS: STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – ISBN – 92-64-02252-X © OECD 2006 62—1. 34). 2). 5. K. Oula/Pohjois Uppsala/Eastern Central Sweden Country Sweden Germany Germany Germany Finland Sweden Germany United Kingdom Finland Sweden Note: The study covered 214 European regions and measured the number of patents, expenditure on R&D and number of people employed in R&D.

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