Brakes 2000 [automotive] by D. Barton, S. Earle

By D. Barton, S. Earle

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3 Pre-treatment of the brake components The disc and the pads were first subjected to a run-in procedure of 210 brakings at brake line pressures between 3 and 24 bar. This procedure has previously been shown to generate well run-in disc and pad surfaces with a stable friction over time. After the run-in procedure, a 108° sector of the disc was grit-blasted with angular SiC-particles producing a rough surface, see figure 2. This surface treatment has been shown to prevent brake squeal when applied to the whole disc (1).

It was assumed that the friction reduction was the primary mechanism behind the squeal prevention. In the present investigation, the squeal preventive action of grit blasting the disc is utilised to perform a unique study of the initialisation and inhibition of squeal. To achieve this, a sector of the disc was treated and the variation in squeal generation due to the repeated passage of this sector between the brake pads was closely monitored. 1 Test rig The tests were performed in a rig developed for squeal testing of disc brakes (10).

Note that the vibration level is a band-pass filtered and rectified measure of the pad vibration between 1 and 20 kHz, a value indicating the squeal noise level within this frequency interval. A number of effects were observed to be independent of brake-line pressure and rotational speed. These are discussed below. The most obvious effects originating from the passage of the grit-blasted sector between the pads were the squeal inhibition and the decrease in friction coefficient during the end of and just after the passage.

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