Brain Receptor Methodologies. Part B: Amino Acids. Peptides. by Paul J. Marangos, Iain C. Campbell and Robert M. Cohen

By Paul J. Marangos, Iain C. Campbell and Robert M. Cohen (Eds.)

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In the future, emphasis should be placed on isolating GABA receptors and then studying their properties. Such studies should further clarify the roles that central GABA-ergic systems play in the regulation of vital CNS functions and behavior and in certain neurologic-psychiatric disorders of man. REFERENCES Andrews, P. , and Johnston, G. A. R. (1979). Biochem. Pharmacol. 28, 2697-2702. , and Ogasawara, N. (1980). Life Sci. 26, 1131-1137. , and Ogasawara, N. (1981a). Brain Res. 225, 212-216. , and Ogasawara, N.

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