Beasts by John Crowley

By John Crowley

Painter is a leo - half guy, half lion - the results of certainly one of man's genetic experiments, a strong, attractive, enigmatic creature deemed a 'failure' to be be hunted down. yet Painter has merits during this global of small bickering state states and political lodging and compromise: his personal power and integrity, and the guile of Reynard, one other of man's experiments, a sophisticated and powerful intriguer, a king-maker...

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Yet at the same time its height and breadth were full of noises, people, activity, comings and goings, because the central atrium was strung all around with galleries, terraces, and catwalks; its depths were peopled, densely. Now that he was inside, it didn't seem to be a cliff on the seashore but the interior of the sea itself: life and movement, schools of busyness at every level. He almost didn't dare to take steps there. There were so many directions to go, none marked and all seemingly infinite, that no decision was possible.

A small mammal's eyes. "All right," he said at last. " A kind of calm had come oven him, though his hands had begun to shake. "You killed my father. Yes. I bet that could be proved. " He prayed to Hawk: help me now, help me to take what I want. "I don't want anything from you, any of that vengeance or his work or any of that, I don't want your help. I want to be left alone. Let me stay here. " "No. " He hadn't moved; he hadn't moved a red hair since Sten had opened the door. "I won't. " A tremor had started in his voice, and he swallowed, on tried to, to stop it.

You'd have to be careful. " She said the word as though it took courage to say, as though it were obscene. " It was a proverb of the Mountain's. " The rest of that day he prepared his equipment, making as certain as he could that it would function, working from a checklist of emergency spares and baling-wire (a term he used, without knowing what it had once meant, for little things he found useful for making repairs, making do). In the evening he went to visit friends, borrowing things to make up a pack.

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