Atomic Radiation and Polymers by A. Charlesby and A. Charlesby (Auth.)

By A. Charlesby and A. Charlesby (Auth.)

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There is a strong increase in nuclear scattering near the end of the range of the oc particle. FIG. 3 (d). High ionization density and linear path of a particles (in hydrogen). INTERACTION OF RADIATION WITH MATTER 29 unstable state, and may then undergo decomposition, or react with neighbouring molecules or other ions. The free electron may either return to its parent molecule to give a highly excited molecule, or it may be captured elsewhere, giving a negative ion. The observed chemical effects may therefore be due to the primary positive ion, the free electron, the excited molecule, or to ions or radicals (uncharged molecules with an unpaired electron) which these may subsequently produce.

Res 1, 323, 1954. 5. T. in keV/μ) and Ion Density in Water I N T E R A C T I O N OF R A D I A T I O N WITH M A T T E R 49 50 ATOMIC RADIATION AND POLYMERS than this average distance 104/*· The energy absorbed per ion pair being 100/G eV, the energy dissipation in the medium must be at least 100/G eV per volume of 10 12 ^ _3 Â 3 or 10 14 x 3 /GeVpercm 3 . Since 1 radis by definition an absorption of 0-625 x 1014 eV/g and the medium is of unit density, the minimum dose for random distribution of ions is l-6x3/G or 0-5x3 rads if G is about 3.

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