Atlas of Ear, Nose and Throat Pathology by L. Michaels

By L. Michaels

Many pathologists have little acquaintance with ear, nostril concomitant biopsy became standard within the and throat pathology. a few obtain few specimens from administration of throat issues. it really is was hoping that. by means of ENT tissues; others are deterred from deeper learn of the book of this Atlas, pathologists receiving in basic terms fabric that emanates from areas the conventional anatomy occasional specimens could be guided of their provision of of that's so forbidding in its complexity and holds no a record worthy to the clinician and those that are concerned familiarity via post-mortem research, for, except with a bigger ENT carrier can be providec with a consultant the larynx, there's often no compelling indication for to the deeper realizing of the topic. exam of the ear, nostril or throat at postmortem. but. the fashionable tendency in book of ristopatholog­ both with biopsy specimens from different components of the ical microphotographs is to overlook any assertion in their physique, the pathologist's document is consequential for the magnification, because it will frequently be transparent to the reader effective dealing with of ear, nostril and throat health problems and what order of expansion is concerned. I n this Atlas, occasionally even for the patient's survival.

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175-183 4. Soucek. S.. Michaels. L. and Frohlich. A. (1987). Pathological changes in the organ of Corti in presbyacusis as revealed by microslicing and staining. Acta Otolaryngol. (Stockholm). Suppl .. 93-101 39 5. Davies. D. G. (1968). Paget's disease of the temporal bone. A clinical and histopathological survey. Acta Otolaryngol. (Stockholm) (Suppl). 242. 1-47 6. Nager. G. T. (1975). Paget's disease of the temporal bone. Ann. Otol. Rhinol. Laryngol.. 84 (Suppl. 22). 3-32 7. Igarashi. M .. King.

4 Cochlear hydrops in Meniere's disease. The distended Reissner's membrane reaches the top of t~e scala vestibuli. 5 Hydrops in Meniere's disease involving vestibule. The saccule is distended to such a degree that it lines the base of the footplate of the stapes, which is artefactually fractured. A thin membrane, possibly the result of rupture, projects into the saccule. 6 Fibrosis of endolymphatic duct in temporal bone from a case of Meniere's disease with hydrops. 7 showing but few spi ral ganglion nerve in modiolar spaces.

A_* . ) , I . 20 Focus of otosclerosis in temporal bone. It is composed of woven bone with numerous osteocytes and blood vessels in marrow spaces. 21 Temporal bone with foci of otosclerosis (0) adjacent to the vestibule (V) and anterior to the footplate of the stapes. The stapes with footplate has been removed and replaced by a metal prosthesis that has been tethered to the incus and to adipose tissue inserted into the opening of the vestibule made after removal of the stapes. C: cochlea; E: external auditory canal; M: handle of malleus INNER EAR References 1.

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