Astrology in Roman Law and Politics by Frederick H. Cramer

By Frederick H. Cramer

Ebook by means of Cramer, Frederick H.

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Acad. 2, 45, 137. the Stoic had been infected with the spirit of his time. >een straying from the path of his Stoic predecessors in the direction of scepticism. This trend can be traced and apparently was intensified during these last years of his long life. ™ H e also had paid tribute to Cleanthes' astral pantheism and identi­ fied. " A note of cautious scepticism was also sounded in his attitude towards astrology, an atti­ tude which, however, still remained too favorable to please Cicero, when he “ demolished” divination: Diogenes the Stoic makes some concession to the Chal­ daeans.

In the trend away from the strict fatalism of Zeno and the early Stoics, Panaetius repre­ sented the climax. W ith his eminent pupil, Posidonius, the pendulum was to swing back to the full acceptance of fatalism. Meanwhile, in his rejection of astrological claims. Panaetius was influenced by a close friend, an astronomer named Scylax: Scylax of Halicarnassus, an intimate friend of Panaetius. and eminent in astrologia (excellent in astrologia) . . 110 . . [Consequently] Panaetius . . was the only one of the Stoics to reject the prophecies of the astrologi.

C . should grieve so deeply over the death of the belittler of her powers. Diogenes Laertius preferred to leave unexplained. The strong impression created by the three ambassa­ dors from Athens amongst the young nobles of Rome finally roused the champion of conservatism, Marcus Porcius Cato, to energetic action; Cameades in par­ ticular was said to be his targ et: Seeing the passion for words flowing into the city, from the beginning he took it ill. fearing lest the youth should be diverted that way.

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