Astro Cycles and Speculative Markets by L. J. Jensen

By L. J. Jensen

Initially released in 1935 this booklet is an genuine vintage together with of the easiest "How-To" books on monetary Astrology ever written mixed into one quantity. Over fifty years of research, study, and real program of his recommendations within the inventory and commodity markets have confirmed Jensen to be one of many maximum astro-economic analysts of all time. Concise and to the purpose, the equipment proven during this ebook are getting used this day by way of the most winning inner most investors, and massive businesses.

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The Venus to Pluto aspect is waning and past the MC; and square Mars dominates the 12th, amply reflecting a police state. The Tokyo figure has leadership (10th) placed in 7th (foreign adversaries), indicated by the Sun, and most concentration on 7th house (foreign) affairs and 8th house (costs and plans of 7th). The people (Mars ruler of 1st and 6th) giving cooperation as the square of Venus is below the horizon confined to misgivings by youth and children. Neptune marks illusions of success while the Node in the 10th marks a feeling of well being.

In Aquarius with the Moon nearly conjunct in the 10th house. No longer was the Moon in 24' but a t lgO, promptly ruining the mass of doctrine on progressions, etc. Students who have spent 25 years and often far much less in astro research study currently boldly proclaim this early morning chart as the Gemini figure and authentic key to the USA for the past, present and future. Arguments are endless but the innovative, compassionate, science aspiring Uranus on an Ascendant is more romantic than a cautious, systematic, thrifty Saturn.

Aquarius go, 21". Pisces 4', 17". PLANETARY TIME PERIODS TO PROGRESS A RADIX FIGURE WHEN AN EPHEMERIS IS NOT AVAILABLE (Note section on Progressions and Transits in this manual) Years 1 Moon--4 years Mercury-10 years V e n u e 8 years Sun-19 years Mars-15 years Jupiter-12 years S a t u r n 4 0 years Uranus-90 years Neptune--180 years TO CALCULATE THE PART OF FORTUNE 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Arc Months Arc Days 0 59' 08" 1 4' 45" 1 1 58' 17" 2 9' 51" 2 2 57' 25" 3 14' 47" 3 3 56' 33" 4 19' 43" 4 4 55' 42" 5 24' 38" 5 5 54' 50" 6 29' 34" 6 6 53' 58" 7 34' 30" 7 8 39' 26" 8 7 53' 07" 8 52' 15" 9 44' 21" 9 9 51' 23" 10 49' 17" 10 Compute Moon's rate: 13' 10' 35' per year Arc 0' 10" 0' 20" 0' 30" 0' 39" 0' 49" 0' 59" 1' 09" 1' 19" 1' 29" 1' 39" Add to the Longitude of the Moon the Longitude of the Ascendant and subtract the longitude of the Sun from the total.

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