Armored Cav: A Guided Tour of an Armored Cavalry Regiment by Tom Clancy

By Tom Clancy

A great, clean 2011 retail ePub of 1 of Tom Clancy's nonfiction books.

A penetrating glance within an armored cavalry regiment—the know-how, the concepts, and the people...profiled through Tom Clancy.

His first non-fiction e-book, Submarine, captured the truth of existence aboard a nuclear warship. Now, the number 1 bestselling writer of Clear and current Danger and Without Remorse portrays today's army as simply military team of workers can recognize it.

With an analogous compelling, you-are-there immediacy of his acclaimed fiction, Tom Clancy offers certain descriptions of tanks, helicopters, artillery, and more—the extraordinary know-how in the back of the U. S. military. He captures army life—from the drama of strive against to the day-by-day routine—with overall accuracy, and divulges the jobs and missions that experience lately distinct our battling forces.

Armored Cav includes:

  • Descriptions of the M1A2 major conflict Tank, the AH-64A Apache assault Helicopter, and more
  • An interview with common Frederick Franks
  • Strategies at the back of the wasteland typhoon account
  • Exclusive photo, illustrations and diagrams
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    The incident that follows involved the Mediterranean Command's decision in World War II to drop Ridgway's 82nd Airborne Division near Rome after the conclusion of the Sicily campaign, to speed up the conquest of the Italian peninsula and drive Italy out of the war.  Ridgway had to prepare to carry out the order for the airdrop.  He sent a coded radio message to General Alexander to that effect.  In the following quoted passage General Ridgway answered the author's question.  When, after my second effort to avert the anticipated tragic sacrifice of as gallant and loyal a unit as ever existed, was disapproved, I proceeded with the completion of our plans to execute the order.

    The ROK 9th Division had to be resupplied by airdrop near Hajinbu, inland from Kangnung, on the twenty­ninth.  This constant preoccupation with the CCF IX Army Group now assembled in the Wonsan­Hungnam area shows how little reliable intelligence the Far East Command and Eighth Army had about these forces.  In the west, north of Seoul, signs became more obvious, and CCF prisoner interrogations confirmed that a CCF attack on that section of the front was not far off.  The central­corridor road connecting Hongchon, Hoengsong, and Wonju was almost due north­south if one ironed out the numerous twists and bends in it.

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