Armies Of Medieval Burgundy (1364-1477) by Nicholas Michael, Gerry Embleton

By Nicholas Michael, Gerry Embleton

King John the great of France was once captured through the English on the conflict of Poitiers in 1356; his 14-year-old son Philip fought valiantly by means of his aspect till the sour finish, and once he used to be able to accomplish that, King John rewarded his son's braveness and devotion by means of designating him Duke of Burgundy, a identify that accidentally had simply turn into extinct. Philip used to be the 1st of the Valois Dukes of Burgundy and this attention-grabbing textual content via Nicholas Michael examines the functioning and enterprise of the Burgundian armies from the start of his reign until eventually the time of the final of the Valois Dukes; Charles the daring.

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