Are You Experienced? by William Sutcliffe

By William Sutcliffe

It is a devastatingly humorous satire typically proposal of scholar go back and forth, and especially the India back-pack path. Dave travels to India with Liz simply because he thinks he could possibly get her into mattress. Liz travels to India with Dave simply because she wishes a significant other for her voyage of religious discovery. She loves it. He desires of frosty mornings, pints of lager and eating places the place vegetable curry is simply a side-dish...

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The w h o l e thing w a s beginning to get on her nerves. O n e guy, called J o n a h , h a d been travelling a l m o s t non­ 'It's very cheap,' says Brian from N o t t i n g h a m . ' s t o p for seventeen years. H e claimed it h a d been a l m o s t a 'But . . ' stutters Belle. ' a b o u t h o w inhuman it w a s to lose contact with the soil. ' of giving them money, he g a v e them a hug. 'But Ing - c a p i t a l i s m isn't going to vanish like all the F o r h o u r s on end, he held court over the g r o u p with tales other invaders.

I don't think he'd be exactly over the m o o n . ' finally got your w a y , a n d I hope you're satisfied, but n o w it's g o i n g to s t o p . ' 'Great. A n d I'm the superficial o n e . ' 57 ' L o o k . Even if you s t o p d o i n g it we both k n o w that y o u w a n t it. ' 'And I hope I've answered your question. T h a t ' s why I won't kiss you. ' ' Y e a h , right. I forced y o u . ' ' Y o u did. Y o u forced m e . Over a matter of weeks, y o u have gradually forced yourself o n m e . ' 'It's true.

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