Architecture Education In The Islamic World by Ahmet Evin

By Ahmet Evin

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41 42 The Empire State Building The Empire Boys paid little heed to such advice. They would build, and right in the heart of midtown Manhattan. Waldorf-Astoria: Built to Last Before anything could be constructed, however, something would have to be deconstructed, torn down, and carted away. It would not be easy, cheap, or quick to demolish the grand old Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Indeed, it would take nearly five months, cost $900,000, and, by most accounts, present a great danger to those involved.

Wagner declared in her book Thirteen Months to Go: The Creation of the Empire State Building. “The truck, like a roaring invader, thrust its great bulk into the lobby where surely such an intruder never had been seen before. It churned across the floor, then turned and roared down ‘Peacock Alley,’ that proud corridor lined with gold mirrors and velvet drapes. ” The process of cutting involves first creating a red-hot spot on the steel column or beam to be cut. The oxygen jet is then turned on and directed against the metal.

Indeed, it would take nearly five months, cost $900,000, and, by most accounts, present a great danger to those involved. Yet, down it would come, even though—when erected—the hotel had been built to last. Torching the Waldorf-Astoria The steel-framed Waldorf-Astoria, built between 1892 and 1897, actually contained heavier columns and beams than a building of the same size would have if built in the 1930s. There was no way such a frame could be pounded down or cut apart with power saws. The Waldorf-Astoria would have to be torched—that is, cut apart—using oxy-acetylene blowpipes.

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