Analysis of Seawater by E. Crompton (Auth.)

By E. Crompton (Auth.)

This booklet covers all elements of the research of seawater together with the main complicated actual options. Sampling, the selection of anions, disolved gases, atomic absorption, tracking radioactive degrees, non-metallic compounds are all mentioned in flip

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They used sodium dichloroisocyanurate as a convenient chlorine source, but needed a period at about 70°C to hasten colour development. e. 4). 056 -O Air Sample „L Phenol reagent . _,. R. I. 2-20 μgΓ 1 as NH 4 over a salinity range of 35-10 %o with negligible interference from amino acids. The interference from amino acids was investigated and found to be negligible as reported by Solorzano [50] and Harwood and Huyser [56] who employed no heating for the indophenol blue colour development. Solutions containing 42 Analysis for anions and cations 50μgNΓ 1 of urea, histidine, lycine, glycine and alanine were analysed.

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