An updated classification of the recent crustacea by David Paul Whistler, Xiaoming Wang, Lawrence G Barnes

By David Paul Whistler, Xiaoming Wang, Lawrence G Barnes

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There are other differences as well, such as the placement of the monstrilloids and cyclopoids. Ho (1990) consistently placed these taxa near each other, whereas Huys and Boxshall (1991) separate them in their classification, at least implying that they are not closely related. In his subsequent critique of the Huys and Boxshall (1991) phylogeny, Ho (1994a) pointed out an alternative phylogeny where the Misophrioida was depicted as the sister group to the remaining seven orders of the Podoplea. For an in-depth review of recent attempts at producing copepod phylogenies, interested readers should consult Huys and Boxshall (1991) and the critique by Ho (1994a).

The suborder Cladocopina may be deserving of status as a separate order (A. Cohen, pers. ), although this step has not been taken here (see also Kornicker and Sohn, 1976, who first suggested the inclusion of the Cladocopina and Halocypridina within the Halocyprida). SUBCLASS PODOCOPA The superfamilies Bairdioidea and Cytheroidea have been elevated to suborders, with spelling changed to Bairdiocopina and Cytherocopina (respectively) (following Martens, 1992, and A. Cohen, pers. ). Alexander Liebau (pers.

However, Huys (pers. ) has suggested that the Buproridae (and also the Botrylophyllidae; see below) should be reinstated. G. Boxshall (pers. ’’ However, the situation with the Botrylophyllidae is more problematic, one problem being that it is a junior synonym of the Schizoproctidae (Illg and Dudley, 1980; G. Boxshall, pers. ); Boxshall (pers. ’’ Thus, we have reinstated the Buproridae but not the Botrylophyllidae. -S. Ho (pers. ). The family Cucumaricolidae was transferred here from the Poecilostomatoidea following Huys and Boxshall (1991), among other such changes (see their book).

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