An Introduction to Old Irish by R.P.M. Lehmann

By R.P.M. Lehmann

This instruction manual used to be produced with the purpose of delivering scholars with an advent to previous Irish literature in addition to to the language. one of many striking outdated Irish tales is used because the uncomplicated textual content. Examples of poems, and of the glosses, complement it. All are completely annotated. The grammatical details supplied in those annotations is summarized in grammatical sections facing particular buildings and varieties. the 1st fifty of those sections are descriptive; a few of the similar concerns are mentioned within the moment fifty part from a ancient perspective. a last thesaurus contains references to all phrases happening within the texts. The equipment was once for this reason designed to allow a comparatively effortless method of a really tricky language.

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189 He begged Sifried to let him live, explaining who he was, and offering all his lands in exchange for his life. 28 HE FIGHTS AGAINST THE SAXONS And then his knights rode up. They’d seen the end of the strife, and what had happened was hardly a secret. In short, they saw and they knew. 190 Then Sifried, about to lead his worthy captive away, was attacked by those thirty men. Defending his prize, that day, he slaughtered twenty-nine, allowing one to run and tell the tale, showing a broken helmet to prove who’d won.

24 He’d grown enough to attend his father’s court, where ladies and courtiers alike were glad to see him. Many maidens and many ladies wished he’d stay forever, as the brave young man was well aware, knowing the fine impression he made. 25 Most of the time, an attendant rode beside their son, Sigemund’s and Sigelind’s. The boy wore beautiful clothes. Wise men were gathered around him, who knew what honor was, and so he learned how kingdoms, lands and peoples, were meant to be won. 26 And when he was strong enough to handle swords and shields, he showed he was more than ready, had been born for the battlefield.

225 The messenger reached her rooms, and beautiful Krimhild saw him coming, and spoke at once, her words gracious and clear: ‘‘Tell me cheerful news, and gold will be your reward. Tell me only the truth, and I will always hold you dear. 226 ‘‘How well did my brother Gernot fight in this bloody war, and all my other friends? How many deaths have we borne? Who was the best of all? ’’ The messenger spoke at once: ‘‘No man hung back, everyone fought, 33 DAS NIBELUNGENLIED 227 ‘‘and well. But since you ask, my noble princess, no one shone so bright on the battle field as our honored guest from Netherlands.

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