America's National Battlefield Parks: A Guide by Joseph E. Stevens

By Joseph E. Stevens

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In the lodge, next to the monument, you will find exhibits explaining the battle and a park ranger to answer any questions. Page 9 Chapter 2 Fort Stanwix National Monument (Revolutionary War) 112 East Park Street Rome, New York 13440 Telephone: (315) 336-2090 Between August 3 and August 22, 1777, the garrison of Fort Stanwix in west-central New York was besieged by a large army of British regulars, American loyalists, and Iroquois Indians. The 800 patriot soldiers, led by Colonel Peter Gansevoort, withstood all attacks, and the British commander, Colonel Barry St.

There was a brief, furious struggle inside the redoubt, then the Americans scrambled for the rear. Some units held together and fought tenacious rearguard actions, but most fell apart in the rush to get away from the slashing, stabbing bayonets. " but his efforts to rally the patriots were in vain. , the last of the surviving Americans had fled across the Neck into Cambridge, leaving the exhausted British regulars in sole possession of the Charlestown Peninsula. A Costly Victory The redcoats had won their hill, but at a fearsome cost.

Lava Beds National Monument, California (Indian Wars) 311 37. S. Arizona Memorial, Hawaii (World War II) 316 38. War in the Pacific National Historical Park, Guam (World War II) 320 Index 325 Page ix ILLUSTRATIONS Frontispiece. A Confederate volunteer ii British troops overrun the American redoubt, Breed's Hill. 7 Minuteman statue near Old North Bridge. 17 Old North Bridge, Concord, Massachusetts. 20 British light infantrymen, living-history demonstration. 22 General John Burgoyne. 28 General Horatio Gates.

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