Alpha Force: Rat-Catcher by Chris Ryan

By Chris Ryan

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She stepped over the beam and squeezed in beside Hex, Li and Paulo. 'Now you, Alex,' she whispered. But Alex did not follow her over the beam. Instead, he stopped in the doorway and pulled a small, limp, furry body from inside his shirt. It was a dead kangaroo rat. He had found it under some sage brush earlier in the day as they hiked across the desert from the helicopter. The little body had stayed warm inside his shirt and it was beginning to smell a bit. Alex bent and laid the kangaroo rat on the ground just outside the door.

We can't give up now. Let's get thinking. It's going to take us at least four minutes to cover that stretch of open ground, cut through the compound fence and get into the building. Four minutes. But the searchlight sweep comes round every ninety seconds. ' The silence dragged on as everybody racked their brains. As the hope slowly drained out of her, Amber felt the cold of the desert seeping into her bones. She reached for one of the desert camouflage sheets they had sheltered under as they waited for darkness and, with a shaky sigh, wrapped it around her shoulders.

We will be seen. We will be caught . ' Paulo trailed to a halt and shared a hopeless look with Li. Alex scowled at the ground and Hex shook his head. Amber watched their reactions and her worst fears were confirmed. 'Hey, come on,' she said. 'We can't give up. A-Watch would've given up, but we're Alpha Force now. We won't give up. ' The others all understood what Amber meant. There was a huge difference between A-Watch and Alpha Force. Six months earlier they had all met for the first time aboard a sail-training ship called the Phoenix.

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