Alpha Force: Desert Pursuit by Chris Ryan

By Chris Ryan

Alpha strength barren region Pursuit

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There was not much left to show that the scattered remains had once been a person. Hex swallowed hard and held the camcorder steady while he silently counted to ten, then he pulled back for a wide shot of the desolation of razor wire and churned-up earth. All the while, the others lay alongside him, silent witnesses to the pointless deaths of two young boys. Hex stopped filming and played back the footage to make sure it was good. The camcorder had caught every detail. He slipped the tiny DV tape cassette out of the camcorder, stowed it in a protective wallet and stashed it safely in the leather pouch that held his palmtop.

I understand,’ said Paulo. ’ Hex and Paulo set off down the slope, treading slowly and carefully in Li’s footprints. They were the logical choices – Hex had the knowledge and Paulo had the tools and the skill to use them – but still, Alex and Amber found it hard to stay back and watch. Khalid joined them at the top of the dune and the three of them lay belly down on the western slope, peering over the crest of the dune, willing the rescue to go well. As Paulo got closer to Li, he could see the strain on her face as she struggled to stay balanced on the steep slope.

Not further,’ promised Alex. He looked over at Hex, but Hex was still lost on the Net. He shrugged and looked over at Paulo. ’ Paulo nodded and grabbed two sets of night-vision goggles from the quads. He handed one pair to Alex and they made their way over to the base of the dune. ’ asked Paulo. Alex nodded. ’ THREE Hex hardly glanced up from his palmtop as they started to climb, but Li, Amber and Khalid all stopped what they were doing to watch. Their faces were serious as they followed Alex and Paulo’s slow progress up the steep slope.

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