Airborne: A Guided Tour of an Airforce Task Force by Tom Clancy

By Tom Clancy

A great, clean 2009 retail ePub of 1 of Tom Clancy's nonfiction books.

They are America's entrance lines—serving proudly in ahead components world wide. Representing some of the best from the military and Air strength, the Airborne job strength is an unstoppable blend of manpower and firepower. Now, Tom Clancy examines this elite department of our nation's defense force. With pinpoint accuracy and a mode extra compelling than any fiction, the acclaimed writer of government Orders supplies an attention-grabbing account of the Airborne juggernaut—the humans, the know-how, and Airborne's challenge in an ever-changing world...

  • Two Tom Clancy "mini-novels"—real international situations related to the airborne job force
  • Airborne's guns of the twenty first century, together with the Javelin anti-tank missile, the fiber-optically guided N-LOS fireplace help procedure, and the Joint Strike Fighter
  • 18 weeks: lifestyles in an Airborne Alert Brigade
  • Exclusive photos, illustrations, and diagramsPLUS: An in-depth interview with the incoming commander of the 18th...
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