Agilent - Standard Data Format Utilities (users guide)

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Pascal workstations or HP BASIC. ASC 702:LONGLINES /S:1000 Discussion Any specified LIF file name is automatically translated to contain a valid LIF file name as follows: • • • • • Shifts lower to upper case. ’’, and digits (0-9). Translates all other characters to the letter ‘’X’’. If the first character is not a letter, then the file name will be preceded by the letter ‘’X’’. Truncates file names to 10 characters. , not raw copy) are allowed between LIF and DOS files: ASCII and BDAT. LIF Binary files are not converted.

Run LIF SCAN to find all valid LIF disk drive specifiers. Not a valid HP-IB card address There is no HP HP-IB or National Instrument GPIB-PCII card at the specified address. Run LIF SCAN to verify the HP-IB card address. Not a valid LIF directory The disk does not contain a valid LIF directory, but it does contain a valid LIF volume header. Check your disk, it is probably corrupt. 3-25 File System Conversion (LIF/DOS) Error Messages Not a valid LIF file system The disk does not contain a valid LIF volume header.

SYNTH63 Convert a binary synthesis file from the HP 3563A (or HP 3562A) to an ASCII file, a PC-MATLAB MAT-file, or a MATRIXx file. VIEWDATA Displays data graphically on your personal computer. See the chapter in this book titled ‘’Viewdata’’ for more information. X32TOBIN Convert an Intel Hex-32 data file to a binary data file. ) Note These utilities work only on MS-DOS files. Prior to using them, copy your HP 3563A/3562A files from LIF to DOS using the LIF utilities (LIF CP) described in the first part of this documentation.

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