Advances in Parasitology, Vol. 3 by Ben Dawes (ed.)

By Ben Dawes (ed.)

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Metal, methanol-filled, systematically-arranged, containers fulfil this requirement. The long-term storage of standard material for reference purposes (now called stabilate material) is by far the most important implication of the process of preservation of trypanosomes at low temperature. Desirably, future experimental work should be related to a specific stabilate, not to trypanosome “strains”. The long-term stability of - 80” C frozen material has been demonstrated ; no significant differences in infectivity between individual samples of the same material, nor significant deterioration in infectivity, were found after periods of storage of 576 days (T.

THE VERTEBRATE HOST A . BIOLOGY OF W I L D ANIMALS The correspondence between the biting habits of Aedes africanus in the canopy of tropical forest (Haddow and Mahaffy, 1949) and the night-resting habits of monkeys in the same environment (Lumsden, 1951) is well known in relation to the survival of yellow fever virus in Africa. We know less of the patterns of behaviour of African artiodactyls in relation to the Glossina spp. attacking them because the conditions of direct study in these situations are more difficult than they are with mosquitoes and monkeys.

Glossina populations. The interrelations between Glossina and its environment are of great complexity. Glasgow and Bursell (1961) showed that wild Glossina populations were characterized by fluctuations in mean size and in fat content and that such fluctuations could be related to periods of nutritional stress. 00 h saturation deficit of 2 months earlier. They pointed out, rightly, that such changes are not likely to be controlled by single factors and that the seasons differ in many ways not susceptible of direct measurement-for instance, in the prevalence of grass fires, the shedding of the leaves of trees, disappearance of temporary water, movements of animals and so on.

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