A Look at Leninism by Ron Taber

By Ron Taber

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This puts the issue of global inequities into a catastrophie scenario. The UNCED conference came close to a consciousness that lifestyles will have to be reconsidered and mutually adjusted in order to sustain the biosphere in the Ion ger ron; but politicians, with their characteristie perspective of immediacy, tlee from the implications of this proposition. Realism, Political Economy and the Future World 41 Arevision of traditional dass categories is required to take adequate account of changes in global social structure.

I use the term 'structure' here in a different sense than Susan Strange's 'security structures', and so on. Historical structures are those patterns of recurrent actions and responses shaped by coUective human experienee in dealing with common problems. They are Fernand Braudel's gestes repetees of the langue duree, the deeply-rooted expectations about collective behaviour that define what we think of as 'normal'. They include also the institutionalised processes, of somewhat less duration, for recognising and dealing with recurrent issues.

Hegemony - and I use this term in Gramsci's sense - is a condition of a society in which the dominant forces, while remaining dominant, use their power to achieve consent or acquiescence from the less powerful, so that all significant forces come to perceive that they have a stake in the order. This will not happen unless the dominant national society in a latent world society is itself hegemonic; that is that the forces of social cohesion outweigh those of polarisation and conflict, so that they serve as a model for emulation by other national societies.

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