A functional start to computing with Python by Ted Herman

By Ted Herman

A sensible begin to Computing with Python allows scholars to quick examine computing with no need to take advantage of loops, variables, and item abstractions firstly. Requiring no previous programming event, the e-book attracts on Python’s versatile facts varieties and operations in addition to its means for outlining new capabilities. in addition to the specifics of Python, the textual content covers vital techniques of computing, together with software program engineering motivation, algorithms at the back of syntax principles, complicated sensible programming principles, and, in brief, finite country machines.

Taking a student-friendly, interactive method of educate computing, the booklet addresses more challenging ideas and abstractions later within the textual content. the writer provides plentiful causes of information kinds, operators, and expressions. He additionally describes comprehensions―the robust standards of lists and dictionaries―before introducing loops and variables. This strategy is helping scholars higher comprehend task syntax and new release by means of giving them a psychological version of refined information first.

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The book’s supplementary site at http://functionalfirstpython.com/ presents many ancillaries, including:

  • Interactive flashcards on Python language elements
  • Links to additional help for every chapter
  • Unit trying out and programming exercises
  • An interactive Python stepper tool
  • Chapter-by-chapter issues
  • Material for lectures

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A functional start to computing with Python

A sensible begin to Computing with Python allows scholars to quick examine computing with no need to exploit loops, variables, and item abstractions first and foremost. Requiring no previous programming adventure, the publication attracts on Python’s versatile facts forms and operations in addition to its skill for outlining new features.

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Unary operators have just one argument placed on the right side of the operator. This chapter starts with familiar numeric operators, then goes on to introduce new ones for boolean and sequence types. After these operators are presented, Chapter 7 shows how operations can be mixed in expressions, and how operator priority helps to resolve ambiguity. Notation used in this and later chapters is the “➜” symbol, which indicates how Python evaluates an operation or expression, reducing it to an output value.

Or 41 ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ “book” — 2013/6/21 — 16:18 ✐ 42 ✐ A Functional Start to Computing with Python Operators are standing by. — Anonymous Calculation consists of reducing expressions to some minimized form. Thus, 100+100 reduces to 200. Computing long ago parted ways with calculations of numerical results. Most of what computers do is search, organize data, find patterns, and sense physical objects. Nevertheless, because most students have learned some algebra, it is reasonable to first introduce Python’s numeric operators, and then ease into the less familiar operations.

Though a Python script is just a text file, there is a convention about what you name the file. py” so that applications like IDEs will automatically recognize the file to contain Python language. py is a text file consisting of one line, as shown to the left. py we need a terminal (or Command Prompt for Windows). Below this is shown for a Linux terminal on the left and a Windows command prompt on the right. In the example, we see that Python ran the script, which output Hello, and returned control back to the terminal, waiting for another user command.

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