A Deleuzean Interrogation of Property and Subjectivity by Nathan Moore

By Nathan Moore

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Question inner drive lack, how does the active subject arise? through actualised some or We must go back to the repetition of instants. Because an instant appears as it disappears (i. e. is not a continuity), it is a pure difference `in-itself, ' as it is only the repetition of difference that can mark it as repetition. Otherwise, it would merely be a continuous and instant is if instant. This treated as the minimum quantum of time, that an means constant between instants. is difference This two the minimum quantum of significant must occur because it demonstrates how difference is therefore responsible for opposition: opposition is two instants distributed by the difference between them, and not a difference between similarities.

The point not mean then the present most difference. is This for is it intense but the the active difference, that `more' most why, 59 subject, the past in its entirety is the element through which a former present is recalled as the past. Thus, it is the seed of opposability which allows the memory and intelligence of the active subject to blossom. This means that the present is dominated by the past, and that the past in general is the ideal by which the present can be judged. Here, we are in the world as Schroeder describes it: dusk falls, we look back and judge by contrasting.

Deleuze shows that this real movement goes in many directions simultaneously: not just to and fro. In order to avoid this difficulty the dialectic is presented as necessarily retroactive. The importance of this is that it sets up a from describe dialectical to the specific position which process, and that this position then limits the movement in thought. In fact, it does more than limit: it covers real movement is dialectic The that the thereby has an orientation with an abstract movement. problem by Schroeder.

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