A Cauchy Problem for the System of Elasticity Equations by Makhmudov O. I.

By Makhmudov O. I.

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With more reflections, this develops into densely structured reverberation (3). If the gap before the first reflection is more than 55 ms, it will be heard separately as an echo, but if subsequent reflected sound has shorter delays the effect should be pleasant. The absorption or diffusion qualities of objects vary with frequency. In particular, the dimensions of an object condition how it behaves. A small ornament diffuses only the highest frequencies; sound waves that are long in comparison to its size simply pass round it.

1 is used for music or for any other sound-only application, the subwoofer receives extreme bass at frequencies that are too low for the other five to handle. For music there are two main ways in which the `surround' can be created ± just as for the quadraphony (`quad') that preceded it, and which has left a substantial library of recordings. The more conventional use for the five main channels is to place a standard direct-sound stage between the three at the front, and spread indirect sound (reflected sound, reverberation) to all five.

Radiated sound moves through air in the form of progressive waves, but dimensional resonances stand still: they form stationary or standing waves. These stationary waves can again be represented diagrammatically as transverse waves. The waveform chosen is usually that for displacement amplitude. g. g. halfway between the walls) there is maximum movement of the air swinging regularly back and forth along a line in the room. Harmonics may also be present. Standing waves are caused when any wave strikes a reflecting surface at a right angle and travels back along the same path.

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