300 Best Word Puzzles. by Henry Ernest, Dudeney

By Henry Ernest, Dudeney

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Many of the BH high energy plasma physics processes also occur in other accreting compact systems, even though the details may be different. It may be very rewarding to try to apply lessons learnt from one type of highly energetic system, to another of a similar nature. For example, 'magnetic reconnection' in the BH magnetosphere and accretion disk will need to be investigated; perhaps, for this piece of the puzzle, inspiration can be drawn from the abundant observations of plasmas in the Sun, and elsewhere in our solar system.

In this paper, I summarize the current status of observational studies of the accretion flow in the bright X-ray binaries containing a black hole or a weakly magnetized neutron star. This paper is based on the works by Yamaoka (200lf 8 (GRS 1915+105), Kubota (2001)11 (GRO J1655-40, XTE J1550-564), and Mahasena (2001)13 (the Rapid Burster). 1 Past Observations Black Hole Transients A black hole in a binary system with a low-mass companion is always observed as a transient source. It shows an outburst every several decades, which is caused by the episodic increase of the mass accretion on to the black hole probably due to the disk instabilities.

1996, in IAU Symp. 175, Extragalactic Radio Sources, 1014 Oct 1995, Bologna, Italy, eds. D. Ekers et al. (Kluwer: Holland), pp. au/pub/data/pmn; http://www. parkes. atnf. csiro. pdf. 53. Xu, W. , 1995, ApJS 99: 297-348; http://www. astro, caltech. edu/ijp/cj. A S C A A N D R X T E OBSERVATIONS OF T H E A C C R E T I O N DISK IN THE X-RAY B I N A R I E S 3-1-1 Yoshinodai, E-mail: T. jp 229-8510 We have analyzed the ASCA and RXTE data of the X-ray binaries to study the structure of the accretion flow in the vicinity of the compact object.

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