2000 IUCN red list of threatened species by Craig Hilton-Taylor

By Craig Hilton-Taylor

Release of the 2000 purple record is a huge landmark for IUCN. it's the first time that listings of animals and crops were mixed and the 1st time that the pink record has been produced on CD-ROM. The 2000 pink checklist combines new assessments‹including all fowl species, many antelope and bat species, such a lot primates and sharks, all Asian freshwater turtles, extra molluscs, and plenty of others‹with these from earlier guides. the mix of animals and crops right into a unmarried checklist containing exams of greater than 18,000 taxa (11,000 of that are threatened species) and the movement in the direction of more desirable documentation of every species at the record signifies that a hard-copy model of the pink checklist could run to a number of volumes. This, mixed with the truth that the purple checklist may be up to date each year, ended in the choice to free up the purple checklist in digital layout, through the realm vast net and as a CD-ROM.

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Mammals The results for the mammals are shown in Figures 2a, b and c. Figure 2a indicates that as in 1996, Indonesia (135 species) still has by far the highest number of threatened mammals of any country in the world. India (80 species) and Brazil (75 species) have now both moved ahead of China (72 species). While lower down the list there are some major changes with Thailand (32 species) and the USA (29 species) being displaced from the top twenty by Cameroon (38 species) and the Russian Federation (35 species).

2000). The bird analyses further show that increased extinction risk is independently associated with increases in body size and low fecundity rates and it is suggested that the evolution of low fecundity many millions of years ago predisposed certain lineage’s to extinction (Bennett and Owens 1997). Trends in reptiles, amphibians and fishes There has not been a major emphasis on updating the information on reptiles, amphibians and fish for the 2000 Red List, but these species will receive priority attention from the SSC for assessment over the next three years.

1,173, 720 and 2,274). 29 Red List 2000 06 September 2000 16:14:55 Color profile: Generic CMYK printer profile Composite Default screen 2000 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species Intrinsic factors Factors such as poor dispersal, poor recruitment, high juvenile mortality and inbreeding have been grouped together as intrinsic factors and they appear to have a relatively important impact on 231 threatened mammal species (32% of all) and 208 threatened plant species (9% of all), whereas only 18 threatened birds were scored under this threat category.

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