Welcome to the SAMMRI Data Management site. This site is intended for use by Board members and Principal Investigators (PI) as well as SAMMRI post-graduate students. The purpose of this site is to capture electronically all information regarding SAMMRI Projects.

To get started please follow the link below:



Instructions for Principal Investigators on how to use the SAMMRI Data Management Site:

The SAMMRI Data Management System will be used to capture all information relating to SAMMRI Projects. The information on this system will be restricted to either Board members (full access) or Principal Investigators (access to project information). Lindie Jacobs is the Administrator of the site and is responsible for providing access via passwords to authorized persons. She may be contacted at or at 021 650 3739.

In order to use this site please follow these instructions. If you are experiencing any problems please contact Ms Jacobs.


  1. Navigate to the SAMMMRI website (
  2. Click on the SAMMRI DMS tab in the title navigation bar.
  3. Scroll down to SAMMRI DMS and click on the link.
  4. The link will navigate to the Office 365 login page where you need to fill in your email address and password.
  5. Your email address is as follows:
  6. Your password will be provided by Ms Jacobs.
  7. Please type in your email and password exactly as provided. (Upper case, lower case and numbers)
  8. The website will prompt you to change your password to a password of your choice before logging in.
  9. After you have changed your password please make sure to write it down/memorize it.
  10. After logging in save the site as a bookmark in your web browser for future use.
  11. As a PI you will now have access via the “Projects” portal to your Project folder by opening Projects and then navigating down to your Project number on the left hand column of the screen. Once you have opened this site, clicking on a relevant bar (e.g. 6 monthly Report) will take you a page which headlines the 6 monthly report period (e.g. June 2016). Then by clicking on “Upload” you will get an option to ‘Browse” for the relevant document. Once found, OK will upload it into your Project folder. Click on Projects in the top left hand corner to return to the main page.
  12. The same applies to Full Project Proposal.
  13. Clicking on “Info on PG” will open up a template in table form and which you should complete. These are details of the student. There is also a place on this template into which you can copy-and-paste a photograph of the student.
  14. Clicking on “Outcomes” will take you to a document formatted for capturing outcomes such as Papers in Journals, etc. It is important to keep this regularly updated since it provides the information which SAMMRI requires for its quarterly report to the Department of Science and Technology.
  15. Clicking on Workshop will open a template for the Extended Abstract that you will be required to submit each year by mid-October for the Annual Workshop.
  16. Each time you load a new report or an edit the previous version, a new version will be captured and the old version kept for archival purposes. This will be reflected by a new date in the column headed “Modified “ in each section.

If you have any problems please contact Lindie at or by phone at 021 650 3739.

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