Welcome to the website of the South African Minerals to Metals Research Institute

The South African Minerals to Metals Research Institute (SAMMRI) was founded in 2010 by the mining and minerals processing industry. The vision of SAMMRI is to promote sustainable development of the South African minerals processing industry through the development of globally competitive technology driven by people with world-class skills. Its strategy to achieve this vision is to provide funding for appropriate projects at South African universities and for industry members to mentor both the researchers/Principal Investigators and their post-graduate students.
A Pilot Programme was initiated in 2011 with 9 projects at 6 Universities. This proved to be a highly successful venture and since its formal launch in 2013, 57 projects have been funded at 8 South African Universities, all in the general field of minerals processing.  A total of 66 post-graduate degrees have been awarded to students funded by SAMMRI.  Funding is provided both by industry members and the Department of Science and Technology. The Board of SAMMRI has developed a Roadmap for the minerals processing industry in order to guide researchers wishing to have access to SAMMRI funding since SAMMRI wishes to ensure that it funds projects which are strongly aligned with the needs of the industry as illustrated in this Roadmap.
It is hoped that you will find this website informative. Details are provided, inter alia, of sponsoring companies, the governance structure, the Roadmap, projects funded to date and procedures to be followed in applying for funding.
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